Base shade - should be applied all over the eye with the All-Over Blending Brush. Liner Shade - Wet the Pointed Eye Liner Brush and apply your Liner shade along the upper lash line. Keep any lining under the eye to a minimum. Allow to dry. ** pencil liner could also be used here

Crease Shade - Buff out the liner (to soften it) with the Countour brush and apply the same shade (dry) in the outer third of the crease.

Highlight - Use the Detail Brush to dust the Highlihgting Shade on the brow bone on the highest point of the eye lid.

Line - Swipe Light or Dark Clarifier pencil on the inner rim of the eye to brighten and widen.

Lashes - Last step - mascara. Be sure to use waterproof!

Eye Shadow
Imported from France, our Eye Shadows are a rainbow of beautiful, radiant shadows encompassing the full spectrum of color.
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 Brows should be well defined, but not too dark. Choose a brow powder the same shade as your hair or slightly lighter. Brush on lightly with Brow Brush or Spoolie Brush for more color. Use wet with Pointed Eye Liner Brush to fill in gaps, if necessary.

Apply clear brow gel to set the shape.

Brow Gel
This non-sticky formula creates a polished look with it's subtle hold and soft shine.
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Brow Powder 
Spoolie Brush
Pointed Eye Liner Brush
Clear Brow Gel

Begin by creating a smooth, flawless canvas. Cleanse the skin and moisturize well. Once your moisturizer has had a chance to absorb, begin to Conceal.

Conceal - apply our Creme Concealer where you need it. Start in the center of the face and blend outward with a sponge. With the Concealer Brush, apply around the eyes, nose and lips. Always place the brush first where you need it most and blend outward.

Set - with our soft face powder puff, press face powder into the skin to set the concealer. If you want face powder with coverage, try our #'s 1-5. No coverage, use our Translucent Powder.

Creme Concealer
Our broad range of 10 shades encompasses the full spectrum of skin tones.
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Highlight-with a fluffy brush, dust your high-lighting Eye Shadow shade to the upper cheek bone for definition and shine.

Color - Apply Marry Me Lip & Cheek Stain (in Cool or Warm) with the fingers. Focus on the apples and blend back towards the ears.

Contour - to create the illusion of a more prominnent cheek bone, apply a small amount of Cool or Warm Bronzer below the cheek bone. This can be used under the jaw line as well.

Glow - If you are feeling a little pale - with our face powder brush, generously dust our Bronzing Powder over the face, neck and decollete for a natural , healthy look.

Bronzer Powder 
Our broad range of 16 shades encompasses the full spectrum of skin tones.
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Marry Me Lip & Cheek Stain
Cool & Warm Brownzer 
Line-Follow the natural lip line with Cool or Warm Pink to define and to form a barrier for the lip color. Avoid re-shaping unless absolutely necessary!

Color - Apply one coat of Lip & Cheek Stain - be sure to blend well with the lip liner. Blot. Apply another coat of lipstick and blot lightly. This will ensure a solid seal of your base lip color. Apply lip gloss and eapply for shine when necessary.

Marry Me Lip & Cheek Collection
An essential trio of bridal color: Marry Me Lip Gloss, Cheek Stain and Pink Liner. Collection comes in Warm & Cool shades.
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