Nude Attitude Lipstick

The nude lip has become a modern beauty staple seen all over today’s catwalks and red carpets. It’s a versatile lip look that can be paired with dramatic eyes, bronzed resort skin, or a polished neutral palette. However, off the runway, finding the right nude is tricky. Shades are often too chalky, too pink or too yellow; washing out even the most vibrant complexions when not done right.

So, when Celebrity Makeup Artist, Lauren Napier called upon us to create a versatile, slick nude to use on her many clients -- from starlets, to fashion models and brides -- we were up to the challenge!

Lauren joined forces with Three Custom Color Specialists Co-Founder and Color Expert, Chad Hayduk, to find the right mix of tones to avoid the typical nude lipstick pit falls.

How’d they do it? They began with a coral base (equal parts pink and orange, warm and cool) and was blended with cool and warm beige tones to bring the color to a new level, with a cool undertone and a warm overtone.

The result: Nude Attitude ($21.50), a creamy, coral-beige in a moist and lustrous, long-wearing texture

PHOTO CREDIT: Rico Kinnard | 718-880-0348 |

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