Crème Concealer / Foundation

Our dermatologist-tested Crème Concealer/Foundation is the most versatile concealer product you’ll find.

In 2020, it’s all about finding products that help us look our best, without making any sacrifice for comfort. Take our dermatologist-tested Crème Concealer/Foundation: not only is it the most versatile concealer product you’ll find, it also feels amazing on the skin. When trying the Crème Concealer/Foundation for the first time, our clients - whether they are accustomed to liquids, crèmes or mineral powders - remark on how good this product feels on their skin, and how amazing it makes their skin look.

This versatile formula is appropriate for all skin types and is designed to provide the most effective coverage for redness and dark circles. Use in isolated areas with our Concealer brush or your fingers. For full coverage all over the face, use with a dry sponge. For sheer coverage, use a wet sponge or blend with moisturizer.

Also available in refills for your Refillable Trio Compact.

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