Jan 3, 2023

It’s a question we get all the time “Why should I send a sample if you already have it in your archives?”. There are several reasons! During the original run of any cosmetic product there can be slight variations from batch to batch when a shade is made over the course of several years and/or in different factories. 

Another big reason is where and when you purchased your signature shade. If the sample we have on file was from a client who typically purchased her shade in Paris each year and you usually purchased your shade in Tokyo – even though the name is the same – there is a chance that there could be a slight difference and we have no way of knowing exactly which country the sample was manufactured in or in what year. 

In addition, some of the larger companies bring back popular shades but tweak them slightly or they recycle names if a shade has been off the market for a few years. There are many factors but the above are the most common. It is always best for us to match what you have in hand and we guarantee the match with your sample.