Miss Monica 1999

Miss Monica 1999

The scandal that rocked the White House which came to light in 1998 is back in the news today courtesy of Ryan Murphy’s production “Impeachment: American Crime Story”.  Read a bit more here!

The subsequent Barbara Walters 20/20 interview aired over 22 years ago and oddly one of the big takeaways was “What is she wearing on her lips?”  Everyone wanted to know!

The artist who created the look used exclusively Club Monaco Cosmetics (now discontinued).  When word got out not a tube, a wand or a pencil could be found.  The shades sold out instantly all over the nation and the waitlists grew and grew. Customers started calling begging us to mix up a batch and word got out.

Our unique matching abilities enabled us to recreate the shades while Club Monaco manufactured more to meet the demand. The “Miss Monica 1999” collection was born!  It consisted of a Sheer Berry Lipstick “Glaze”, a soft nude gloss named “Cherub” and a natural pink liner called “Bare” which is a dead ringer for our Warm Pink Lip Liner!  Since we never discontinue our lip colors they remain permanently in our files.  The look has stood the test of time and fits right in with this Fall’s color trends!  

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