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Lipstick, lip gloss and a nude lip liner!

The scandal that rocked the White House which came to light in 1998 is back in the news today courtesy of Ryan Murphy’s production “Impeachment: American Crime Story”.  Starring Beanie Feldstein as Monica, Edie Falco as Hillary, Sarah Paulson as Linda and Judith Light as Susan!

The subsequent Barbara Walters 20/20 interview aired over 22 years ago and oddly one of the big takeaways was “What is she wearing on her lips?”  Everyone wanted to know! The Makeup chat rooms were abuzz for weeks and then – Three Custom Color Specialists to the rescue!

The artist who created the look used exclusively Club Monaco Cosmetics (now discontinued).  When word got out not a tube, a wand or a pencil could be found.  The shades sold out instantly all over the nation and the waitlists grew and grew. Customers started calling begging us to mix up a batch and word got out.

Our unique matching abilities enabled us to recreate the shades while Club Monaco manufactured more to meet the demand. The “Miss Monica 1999” collection was born!  It consisted of a Sheer Berry Lipstick “Glaze”, a soft nude gloss named “Cherub” and a natural pink liner called “Bare” which is a dead ringer for our Warm Pink Lip Liner!  Since we never discontinue our lip colors they remain permanently in our files.  The look has stood the test of time and fits right in with this Fall’s color trends! Shop the collection here. 


We just updated our Discontinued Shades archive with a long list of lipstick and lip gloss shades we have collected over the past few weeks. If you haven’t checked the SEARCH OUR ARCHIVES section of our site for a while then now is the time! Below are the newly added shades…

Anna Sui, M371

Babor, Rosy

Benefit, Nice ‘n Teasy

Benefit, Saucy Betty

Bobbi Brown, Rich Cocoa 58

Bobbi Brown, Slopes 36

Bobbi Brown, Sweet Nectar 6

Bobbi Brown, Heather Plum 5

Chanel, Obscure 137

Chanel, Sandstone Ultra Wear Lip Colour

Chanel, Deauville 64 Aqualumiere

Chanel, 104 Glossimer

Chanel, 108 Glossimer

Chanel, 166 Glossimer

Chanel, 126 Glossimer

Chanel, 11 Glossimer

Chanel, Evocation 24 Rouge Allure

Chantecaille, Primrose Lip Chic

Charlotte Tilbury, Bosworth’s Beauty

Christian Dior, Fairytale Rose 156

Christian Dior, Mauve Merza 713

Clinique, Peace Pop 08 Gloss

Clinique, Power with Pink

Clinique, Blossom 03 Chubby Stick Baby Tint

Clinique, Red Red Red 06

Diego Dalla Palma, 19 Gloss Your Lips

Elizabeth Arden, Pink Vibrations 28

Estee Lauder, Lavish Pink 15 Pure Color

Estee Lauder, Hot Hot 725 Electric

Estee Lauder, Starlit Pink R45 All Day

Fashion Fair, Mango 8075

Guerlain, Pink Shine 666

Iman, Scandalous

Kanebo, Imperial Pink 02

Kat Von D, Agatha

L’Oreal, Violet Attitude 510

L’Oreal, Wild Plum 640

L’Oreal, Make Me Blush 250

La Maur, Sugar Plum

Lancome, Rock Icon Fuchsia

Lancome, Sun Touched Terra

Lancome, Sepia Chic Le Rouge Absolu

Lancome, Rose Flaneuse 345B

Lancome, Hot Number Gloss

Lancome, Rouge in Love 292N

Lancome, Reflect

Lancome, Delicate Lace

MAC, DDDevilish Matte by Chris Chang

MAC, Shanghai Spice

MAC, A Rose Romance

Make Up Forever, Nacre Pearly 305

Mary Kay, Sheer Blush

Maybelline, Rhum Cake 12

Maybelline, Terracotta 600

Nars, Bianca

Nars, Bangkok

Revlon, Peach Me 628 Pearl

Revlon, Very Berry 69 250

Revlon, Highbeam Tan 305 Pearl

Revlon, Raspberry Bite 745 Crème

Revlon, Rich Raisin 230 Color Stay

Revlon, Copper Glaze Brown 335

Rimmel, Kasbah 276

Sephora, Seduce 517B R14

Sephora, 440 941

Smashbox, Tease Gloss

Smashbox, Melondrama

Trish McEvoy, Precious Pink

Ulta, Cappucino 227

Vincent Longo, Nude Lip Stain


It has been a long time coming but we have finally launched! Undoubtedly there will be some bugs and typos and we ask that you report them to us at info@threecustom.com so that we can tend to them quickly. We have streamlined the process for ordering from the archives and re-ordering your favorite shades. All of your past orders should be in your profile and, of course, if you are unsure about anything with our new system please feel free to use the Customer Notes section when checking out, give us a ring at 888 262 7714 or shoot us an email info@threecustom.com


Every so often we add new shades to our Discontinued Lipstick Archives and today is the day! There is a treasure trove of new shades from Laura Mercier and some late great shades from Chanel, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, L’Oreal, Smashbox and MAC among others. For our complete list SEARCH OUR ARCHIVES! Check out the new additions below!

Anita of Denmark, 145

Bare Minerals, Sweet Apricot

Becca, Sugar C

Bed Head, Romance

Bite, Lychee Lush Lip Tint

Bobbi Brown, Slopes

Bobbi Brown, Pink Rose 3

Bobbi Brown, Pink Gold

Bobbi Brown, Pink Peony 25

Body Shop, 340 Color Crush Matte

Borghese, Puccini Rose Gold

Burt’s Bees, Raisin Lip Shimmer

Chanel, Golden Raspberry

Chanel, Romance 520

Chanel, 179 Gloss

Chanel, Boy 54 Rouge Coco Shine

Clarins, Fusion 510

Clarins, Copper Brown

Clinique, Raspberry Glace 33

Clinique, Double Truffle 83 A62

Clinique, Drenched Pink 201 Lip Lacquer

Clinique, Crushed Grape

Clinique, Heather Moon 29

Clinique, Sugared Maple F6

Cover Girl, Hipster

ELF, Nostalgic 7707

Estee Lauder, Dune Rose II

Estee Lauder, Pink Hyacinth

Estee Lauder, Wild Plum 14 Pure Color Gloss Stick

Estee Lauder, Red Tango 72 Pure Colors

Giorgio Armani, Beige 103

Giorgio Armani, 32 Silk

Givenchy, Gold Brown

Jordana, Silver 22 Gloss

Kat Von D, Gothica

L’Oreal, Pure Burgundy 746

L’Oreal, Pink Tryst 244

La Prairie, Rose Velour 0H276

Lancome, Groupie Shimmer

Lancome, Tumultuous Gloss

Laura Mercier, Audrey

Laura Mercier, Antique Gold 136

Laura Mercier, Coral Shimmer

Laura Mercier, Rosewood Crème Smooth

Laura Mercier, Embrace

Laura Mercier, Moi

Laura Mercier, Sin

Laura Mercier, An Affair

Laura Mercier, Fantasy

Laura Mercier, Cocoa Pout

Laura Mercier, Spiced Rose

Laura Mercier, Mango

Laura Mercier, Brigitte

Laura Mercier, Indiscretion

Laura Mercier, Haute Red

Laura Mercier, Angelic

Laura Mercier, Crème Coral

Laura Mercier, Palm Beach

Laura Mercier, Merlot

Laura Mercier, Plum Orchid

Laura Mercier, Fresh Raspberry

Laura Mercier, Hollywood

Laura Mercier, Plumberry

Laura Mercier, Myth

Laura Mercier, Mink

Laura Mercier, Muse

Laura Mercier, Sexy

Laura Mercier, Malt

Laura Mercier, Café

Laura Mercier, Star

Laura Mercier, Silk

Laura Mercier, Chic

Laura Mercier, Joy

Laura Mercier, Mon Cheri

Laura Mercier, Devotion

Laura Mercier, French Kiss

Laura Mercier, Thrill

Laura Mercier, Coquette

Laura Mercier, Seduction

Laura Mercier, Addiction

Laura Mercier, Smile

Laura Mercier, Happy

Laura Mercier, Temptation

Laura Mercier, Foreplay

Laura Mercier, Bliss

Laura Mercier, Girly

Laura Mercier, 60’s Pink

Laura Mercier, Peche

Laura Mercier, Sienna

Laura Mercier, Maya

Laura Mercier, Cocoa

Laura Mercier, Boudoir

Laura Mercier, Infatuation

Laura Mercier, Sensual

Le Metier de Beaute, Cannes

MAC, Pink Plaid AB1

MAC, Deep Rooted

MAC, Petal Lure

MAC, Charismatic

MAC, Hot Gossip Cream Sheen

MAC, Viva Glam VI Lipstick

MAC, Pick Me Frost

MAC, Velveteen

Make Up Forever, NB4 7A 205

Maybelline, Sin-a-Mon 935

Nars, Captiva

Nars, Indian Red

OPI, Up The Amazon Without A Paddle

OPI, Pompeii Purple LCG21

Origins, Go Blonde 06 Rain & Shine

Revlon, Cocoa Bronze 150 Pearl

Sephora, No. 34 671B

Sephora, 810A No. 15

Shiseido, Blackberry 67 More Mulberry

Shiseido, BE 109

Sienna,P iazza 030

Sisley, L15

Smashbox, Smashing Egyptian 51

Smashbox, Smashing Dream 53

Smashbox, Paris Pink Matte

Tom Ford, Nude Vanille 12

Too Faced, Spice Spice Baby

Trish McEvoy, Vibrant 30

Trucco, Glazed Sheer 76947

Trucco, Stained Sheer 7695J

Younique, Stuck-Up

YSL, 24 Rouge Volupte


It’s a question we get all the time “Why should I send a sample if you already have it in your archives?”. There are several reasons! During the original run of any cosmetic product there can be slight variations from batch to batch when a shade is made over the course of several years and/or in different factories. Another big reason is where and when you purchased your signature shade. If the sample we have on file was from a client who typically purchased her shade in Paris each year and you usually purchased your shade in Tokyo – even though the name is the same – there is a chance that there could be a slight difference and we have no way of knowing exactly which country the sample was manufactured in or in what year. In addition, some of the larger companies bring back popular shades but tweak them slightly or they recycle names if a shade has been off the market for a few years. There are many factors but the above are the most common. It is always best for us to match what you have in hand and we guarantee the match with your sample.


We have been collecting discontinued lipsticks and other color cosmetics since 1993 to build our ARCHIVE. We have over 10,000 documented shades dating back to the 1920’s and have been matching color for over 20 years so, as you can imagine, we are pretty good at it!

If you have a sample of the shade you are looking for we always encourage you to send it to us. You can find out how to do it here: HOW TO SEND A SAMPLE It is always best for us to match what you have in hand and when we match from your sample we guarantee the match and will either adjust your shade or refund your purchase price.

If you don’t have a sample to send just search our ARCHIVE OF DISCONTINUED SHADES If you remember the shade name and not the brand just leave the BRAND field blank!