The Czarina Collection

Bring out your inner Anastasia with this luxe look for fall. Inspired by Chad’s travels to magnificent Russia.  Captivated by the exquisite architecture, the glow of White Nights and the mesmerizing landscape he was so taken by the culture – rich in history and art – that he decided to create a makeup look that captures Russia’s magnificence.

BALLET RUSSE Sheer Lipstick – Create a sensation with this sheer sumptuous red! This shade emulates the essence of the superb Russian ballet historically known for its vitality and grandeur. The moisturizing and sheer lipstick formula is beautiful on all skin tones.

RUSSIAN BLUE Eye Shadow – This soft, icy blue grey was inspired by the decorative vaulted ceilings and friezes that adorn the palaces in St. Petersburg. Chad suggests that Russian Blue be used as a wash of color from the crease to the lash line.

GILDED Eye Shadow - Inspired by the Romanov Dynasty that once ruled Russia, this dazzling gold is the perfect touch of shimmer to bring out your inner Anastasia. Use it dry to accent and highlight the eye, or wet for intensity on the upper and lower lash line.

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Czar Czarina Collection Value Set
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LRusse "Ballet Russe" Sheer Lipstick
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ESRuss Russian Blue (C) Eye Shadow
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ESGild Gilded (W) Eye Shadow
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