Smokey Eyes

Year after year, you can bet on seeing a smokey eye on almost every Fall runway; whether it be neutral and sophisticated, colorful and edgy, or even extremely Goth! We were thrilled to see that New York Fashion Week for Fall brought us a new, modern and sleek take on the smokey eye – eye shadow washed all the way to the brow bone complimented by contoured cheeks, and flawless skin.

During one-on-one consultations at our Color Studio in New York City, we often have clients who are intimidated by the application of the smokey eye and fear making mistakes. Well, fear not! You don’t have to be a Pro Makeup Artist to master the Smokey Eye Look. Chad Hayduk, Makeup Artist and Co-Founder of Three Custom Color Specialists brings you these tips to do it yourself. See how easily you can create this smokey eye with these simple steps and essential tools!

Step 1:
Apply our Crème Concealer/Foundation with our Concealer brush below the eyes to eliminate any darkness and onto the eyelids to create a smooth base. Pro Tip: This step helps shadow wear longer.

Step 2:
This modern smokey eye features a gradation of color that’s deepest at the lash lines and blended out. First, use our All Over Eye Shadow Brush to apply Cool Black Eye Shadow along the upper and lower lash lines. Next, apply Cool Smoke Eye Shadow and blend the shade up towards the brow bone. Apply a small amount of Champagne Eye Shadow near the tear duct and under the brow bone and blend. Pro Tip: For the daring, two-toned look featured on some runways, layer on a brighter shade. Try Peacock Eye Shadow or Warm Lilac Eye Shadow.

Step 3:
Using our Eyeliner Brush, line the inner rims of the eyes, and the upper and lower lash lines with our smooth, water-resistant Opaline Crème Eye Definer in Aurora. Blend the crème eye liner into the lashes with a small eye shadow brush with densely packed bristles, such as our Contour BrushPro tip: For that intense, rock star glam look, line the eyes again!

Step 4:
Finish the eyes with a coat of mascara and groom the brows with Tinted Brow GelPro tip: A groomed eyebrow is essential for a smokey eye to look polished.

Step 5:
Apply Kiss My Apricot Crème to Powder Blush to the high points of the cheeks. Use Shane Sheer Lipstick for an enhanced, but sheer lip tint.
Pro tip:
The eyes should be the main focus here, so keep everything else minimal.

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    The only Concealer you'll ever need - Concealer, Foundation, Lipstick base and Eye Shadow Base all in one! Click here to learn more about skin tone and to view our models.

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  • Champagne (N) Eye Shadow

    Also known as "Precious Mettle" is a festive universally flattering shade. A staple in many makeup artists kits!

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  • Cool Smoke Eye Shadow

    A deep, seductive grey that can be used to create a soft, smokey eye. Also can be used wet as a cake eye liner.

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  • Cool Black Eye Shadow

    A deep, rich black. Can be used as a contour or wet as a cake eye liner.

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  • Kiss My Apricot Blush

    This fleshy apricot with a golden sheen will perk up any skin tone - in collaboration with Robert Jones! In our Creme to Powder formula.

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  • Aurora Creme Eye Definer

    Black with Blue Pearl – Whereas some black eye liners tend to look grey when they dry down, cool opalescence makes this unique black appear “blacker than black” and the whites of the eyes look extra white.

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  • "Shane" Sheer Lipstick

    "So neutral, it's commitment free"

    A creamy, natural tone to enhance your lip color, inspired by Shane’s no-nonsense style

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  • All-Over Eyeshadow Brush

    Sable/Pony - Ample bristles in a flat body for smooth powder application over the entire eye area.
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  • Contour Eyeshadow Brush

    Sable/Pony bristle - This unique shape is the perfect fit for the crease of the eye, allowing for flawless application.
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