Perfectly Pink Gloss Palette

Is your Valentine a lover of Lip Color? Our Perfectly Pink Lip Gloss Palette contains 10 luscious glosses in all tones of pink. Having been asked to reinvent virtually every shade of pink under the sun, Three Custom Color Specialists presents a collection of 10 irresistible lip glosses guaranteed to create a smile that’s rosy and bright:

BUBBLE GUM – creamy electric pink
MAI TAI – rich, iridescent fuchsia
GUM DROP – vibrant sheer pink ablaze with golden sparkles
MERINGUE – silver-flecked rose stain with a touch of blood orange
JELLY BEAN – sheer, plum gloss with giant sparkles
PINK CHAMPAGNE – beautifully light and airy; true ballet-slipper pink
PINK DIAMONDS – luxurious, rose pink infused with multifaceted sparkles
TAFFY – carnation-pink gloss with a dusting of gold
CASHMERE – gorgeous mauve-pink alight with smooth sparkles
SUGAR PLUM – effervescent flesh-toned pink

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