Mood Lighting Shimmer Crèmes

This Holiday Season, light up the room with Mood Lighting Shimmer Crèmes - a sophisticated take on sparkle!

Add some sizzle to your look with our Mood Lighting Shimmer Cremes. Co-created with Makeup Artist Dina Gregg, of Bravo's "Make Me A Supermodel" fame, Mood Lighting Shimmer Crèmes are a sophisticated take on sparkle that go on light and creamy, and dry down to a fine, powdery finish. These silky crèmes are applied with fingertips to the face and decollété, leaving you luminous under the mistletoe.

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SCA Afterglow Shimmer Crème
  • $22.50
SCO On Fire Shimmer Crème
  • $22.50
ESChamp Champagne (N) Eye Shadow
  • $22.50
SCTrio Mood Lighting Shimmer Crème Trio
  • $67.50