Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed

Let’s face it - life is exhausting! Shopping, cooking, working and rounds of Facetime/Zoom meetings often leave us bleary-eyed and bedraggled. Not to worry, Three Custom Color Specialists is here with a simple beauty solution to keep you bright and cheery (or at least fake it!).  This set contains our Light Clarifier and Eye Brightening Shadow.

Our magic pencil perfectly complements the spectrum of skin tones - when applied to the lower inner rim of the eye, it instantly alleviates the look of red, hazy eyes - making them appear brighter, whiter and more beautiful.  It is water resistant to boot.  The Shadow mimics the look of healthy well rested eyes with a simple dusting of this lovely peach toned shadow.  This eye-brightening shade counteracts blue undertones that can make the eyes look tired and heavy.

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